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– We will not change anything in broneprobitie, we tried, got some numbers, we have a clear vision, we will analyze in detail . One by cutting broneprobitiya not do. Let us think more.
– HF-2 HD – fake.
– FV4202, replacement date is not known. This year.
– Tank Japan 10 lv. TT who walked on the internet, it is fake.
– There will be more “bun” during a marathon, Prem days / silver / boosters et al.
– Sneakers 9 lv. It remains, “Maushen out” on the shelf.
– 7 lv. Sneaker (prem machine) until.
– Today will total 2 iteration of the test.
– Today, at the general test in a test mode will launch the concept: you’ll always go into a plus in silver, in the mode of Excellence. Economy is changing.
– We are currently testing the ability to change the address for your account, but will introduce details later. Players asked for – we did.
– IB (Historical Battles) – are serious revision. Special cards will be for the IB.

– Over Arta think specifically, we have a lot of variations, many suitable choices. We will not kill or withdraw this class of technology, art will, think through completion. Work is underway in this direction.
– “buns” will have a lot to DR WoT, details and sinks do not wait.
– German PT-ACS eighth level Kanonenjagdpanzer
replacing 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger …
– We try not to break the bud what is now achieved.
– Modern tanks .. Khem Khem … (coughs)
– Prepare new trees and grass, the timing of KTTS.
– American Scorpio (M56 Scorpion) lies in the glove compartment, is being prepared, potestit, rebalance, while all.
– German plan to enter Scorpio, when there will be – KTTS.
– Czechoslovak branch of the machines will be the question when working on.
– Closest direction – Swedish and Czechoslovak tanks.
– LT – damage to them is not important.
– Quote: Shturmtigr .. will probably … no, do not tell, for 2 months … [1,999,002 ] – Amnesty with permanent bans will not.
– BT-7 Artillery has not determined where to go and how to go.
[1,999,002] Thank you for the transcript WOT Express.

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