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[1,999,002] Stream “Tank Wednesday № 5”

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July 1 at 19:00 (GMT) [1,999,008] on the official channel of the tank Wargaming Live lamp will begin once the warm stream of the developer World of Tanks.

[1,999,014] In this issue of “Tank Protection “we will talk about the results of the test armor penetration in the game will tell you about the fate of the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B, show the Japanese heavy tank X level and try to answer the most vital and interesting questions that are raised in the particular topic in the group of “VKontakte”. If, however, during the live broadcast you have additional questions, you can ask them in the chat translation in a special channel in the game client.

In order to communicate with the audience became even closer, we offer you to write wishes and developers Twitter, using the hashtag #WGSTREAM. The most interesting suggestions fall into our air. The broadcast will be convenient to look out of the hangar or on a special stream portal.

all active in World of Tanks, you can learn from Calendar of Events .

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