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-Who invented 20k locked damage?

-20k total: Locked + application.
Statistics show that this is possible.
When creating a knowledge base we thought about how many tanks would like to give and this number is estimated thresholds on statistics.

(I am now wondering one thing, but there are statistics on players who not only did one combat mission, and all five at the moment, I just now remember that I max damage somewhere in 8600, and I did it on the lens 268, thus putting the 9-man team and I like the enemy for all his fights 25000 PT on the task and not complied with, as well as such I do not remember a fight in which I filled to max arte experience. It seems that about 260 passes by me, but sorry)

– Michael, if not difficult, give information how many fights with such indicators (20k to shoot / blocked damage) you received for patch 9.4
just after the damage to the psaltery longer counted as blocked, even dial 10k damage virtually locked impossible
I’m not the kleshneruky player, but for the last 10k battles do not remember even 15k combined damage on tanks
turns out that IBZ does not focus on skill, and in case
until everything is configured, do please more real figures for IBZ
if everything remains as it is at the moment, then these figures provoke an increase in shell fights

-sulfonic. Specifically, this issue is not doing just that and made inquiries as planned to do.
On the skill + case, all the same, and not just in case. In this case, the mass availability and we did not anticipate. To achieve the goal will be very difficult.
will change the numbers or not – yet I can not say.

-if 10 people will receive awards will be good.

-Planiruem performance of a top IBZ tens of thousands of players in 2015.

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