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Look at this PT-ACS carefully. Of course, you immediately recognize it famous SU-152 “Deerslayer”, which worked well during the Second World War.

СУ-152 Зверобой
СУ-152 Зверобой
СУ-152 Зверобой

And now look at it


Does not that seem to open carriages Germany Waffenträger auf Pz. IV at the end of the Second World War? That’s right, it seems. This SU-152P , and the index n – is the post-war.

SU-152P with a gun M-53 (to 116) – Soviet pilot assault gun as a self-propelled anti-tank gun [1999027 ]

СУ-152П с орудием М-53 (объект 116)
SU-152P (Object 116) – Soviet pilot 152-mm self-propelled gun. Standard was made. Chief Designer – GS Efimov.
In 1946, under the direction of S. Efimov in the design office of the Sverdlovsk Machine-Building Plant “Uraltransmash” was completed the preliminary design of a 152-mm self-propelled guns SU-152P. Gun M-53 has developed a special design bureau of Perm “MZ”. No kidding, the plant is called – Motovilikhinsky … it’s near Krasnoyarsk. By the way – City Games good Krasnoyarsk portal.
In September 1948, he was made a prototype. In 1949, the State tests were completed, after which identified a number of design flaws. To supply the army car was not accepted.
Self-propelled artillery installation of SU-152P is designed with an open installation tools.
The aft is fighting compartment installation. Body is made of rolled armor plates. Front is transmission compartment.
As the main tools used by the 152-mm gun M-53, which was originally designed for semi-closed SPG SU-1. Apply it as intended and as an anti-assault. Gun mounted on a stand and equipped with a mechanism to facilitate loading. To reduce stress on the board when cornering, the gun was mounted on a roller shoulder straps.
monobloc gun barrel with muzzle brake slotted type. Muzzle brake efficiency of 55%. Shutter semi-wedge horizontally. Chambering the shell produced by mechanical spring device and the sleeve with full and reduced variable charge shall be sent manually. Horizontal guidance tools through electric.
Gun M-53 was supposed to place on a specially designed chassis. As the base was chosen chassis SPG SU-100. Chassis length was increased and added additional support roller.

Save a copy of PT-ACS is in the tank museum in Kubinka, Russia.

Wait for this PT-ACS on all maps of the World Tanks

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