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Hello everyone,

you probably know of the SU-85I, right? I mean, it’s been released some time ago. But now, without any fuss, Wargaming is releasing the SU-76I premium tank destroyer (tier 3). As far as I can tell, it’s available only on Russian server (in SD, of course). Uncharacteristically for Wargaming, the vehicle is available “just so”, without some crappy bundle noone wants, for 5,2 USD (yes, five dollars). This is how it looks (courtesy of wot-news):



You can read about the history of the vehicle here. It is a rather fragile vehicle (160 hitpoints, 60/30/50 armor), but it is fairly mobile (22,5 tons, 300 hp), the gun is solid for its tier (76mm S-1, PEN: 86/102/38, DAM: 110/110/156, ACC: 0,44, ROF: 13,95, AIM: 2,1s) and has okay-ish elevation (-5/+15) and traverse (+/-10). For five bucks without all the other crap noone needs (bundles) – it’s a nice purchase I’d say. No doubt EU will sell it to us as well, in a 100 EUR bundle…

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