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That’s right, no announcements in the Premium store became available Level 3 PT SU-76i


It consists of:

  • SU-76i;
  • slot in World of Tanks.

Soviet PT-ACS Level III.

With the help of a powerful 76 -mm guns with excellent armor penetration and high damage capable of self-propelled gun as pave the way for the Allies to attack and hold the key areas on the map.

Maximum machine speed is 50 km / h. This allows you to quickly change the position or timely return to the protection of databases in the event of a threat of capture.

Su-76i decent windshield reservation, which reliably protects against small-caliber guns, but once again substituted under enemy fire is not: safety margin is small .

high-level opponents best trick in the open and shoot from ambush, in other cases, the most effective fire from the second line.

Finally, the SU-76i – a great trainer for Soviet crews, because This PT-ACS brings the battle of 60% more experience, and 50% more experience of the crew.

Price 5,20 USD

Visit in the premium shop

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