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Hello everyone,

I am sure you’ve all seen the portal news at this point, but just to make sure you don’t miss it: on EU server, the SU-76I will be sold from 6.11.2014. No news on the same matter for US and ASIA servers, but I think it’s safe to assume that they won’t stay behind.

So, who thinks the SU-76I will come in some ridiculous expensive bundle? I am thinking something like that:

Bundle 1: “Milking the Cows” – bazillion gold + SU-76I (FOR FREE!!!ONEELEVEN), only 40 EUR!
Bundle 2: “Shearing the Sheep” – bazillion gold + Super Pershing + SU-76I (FOR FREE!!!ONEELEVEN), only 60 EUR!
Bundle 3: “Harpooning the Whale” – bazillion gold + premium account + Super Pershing + TOG + SU-76I (FOR FREE!!!ONELEVENZOMG), only 80 EUR!

Well, let’s see if Wargaming surprises us.

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