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Hello warriors,

the new motion physics system was updated on supertest.

– MT’s and LT’s are now faster as the tanks don’t lose speed on various small objects
– MT’s and LT’s are now more “bouncy” – they jump better and easier but to jump is to risk tipping over on the roof
– tanks generally lose less speed when turning
– tanks can now make a “police turn” by pressing W + (steer button) + Space
– tanks can now regulate the diameter of their turn by tapping W while turning
– if the enemy tank shows LFP or lower side armor while going over a terrain obstacle – ram it by a heavier vehicle, it will tip over
– tanks with very soft suspension (rocking a lot when going and stopping) can now fire beyond their depression/elevation limit by firing the gun while rocking up and down

Changes in comparison with previous iteration

– the aim circle is now jumping a lot, in order to disable that you have to enable dynamic camera
– TD’s and artillery cannot make “police turns” now
– fixed the bug where it was too easy to drive one tank on top of another just so
– ramming damage was rebalanced, now it is much closer to final version
– gravity force increased, making the tanks feel “heavier”
– tanks running downhill can now go faster than their maximum speed (up to 30 percent)
– removed the feature where a tank on a slope would slide down by itself

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