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Thanks to xxviktor for noticing this.

Hello everyone,

in the early 9.5 vehicle changes post, I wrote that the screwed the T-34-85M model by shifting the turret, but not its mantlet – like this:

As a result, the mantlet was clipping into the left part of frontal turret armor and there was a (small, but noticeable) hole on the right side.

So, do you think they fixed it? Of course not. In 9.5:


Notice the yellow hole on the right side, not covered by the mantlet. And don’t forget to buy the T-34-85M bundle and remember: Wargaming quality assurance is one of the best in business!

PS: yes, it’s a small thing, but it’s about the principle – they could have checked, I even posted in on FTR. Especially when it comes to a tank sold for real life money.

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