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Hello everyone,

so, about the leaked missions for December. Earlier, it was announced that between 24.12. and 15.1. or so, a “marathon” would take place on EU server. Okay, that’s nice, I thought. But then, Evilly, WoT producer on RU server, announced that the Russians would have a different vehicle – something “that was available until now only on Chinese server”. He also added that it’s possible that the T-34-85M will be sold in the premium shop (on RU server, anyway).

Basically, looking at the Chinese server offers, Russian community came up only with 2 candidates: first, the WZ-111 heavy tank (first Chinese vehicle to be introduced in the game, really, REALLY old stuff). Or… M56 Scorpion, which is sold on Chinese server as we speak. Both are tier 8′s. At that point, I told Evilly that if we (Europeans) get a tier 6 and the Russians get tier 8, there will be butthurt on forums (well, I mean, there might be, but honestly, how many people can really complete the hardcore grind, right?). He replied that “everything’s gonna be fine :)”

Well – that leads me to think, maybe the leaked version of missions contains placeholders, I mean – WG EU had to know they would get leaked, as they did months before. Maybe we will have a nice Christmas surprise and instead of… let’s say good, but lackluster T-34 clone, we’ll get a chance to win the WZ or the Scorpion :)

That would be awesome. Not holding my breath, but it would.

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