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T-54 first prototype: a simple and reliable

There are plans to upgrade the output 9.7. Among other innovations announced the game will be a new Soviet tank – the T-54 the first sample. This is the first medium tank premiumnyh VIII level in a branch of Soviet tanks nation.

Characteristic features of the machine

  • The security;
  • ease development;
  • Universal;
  • good damage per minute.
tactical role on the battlefield

Well armored medium tank VIII level. Very well armored. In its security of the “average” is able to compete with some heavy tanks. For example, the frontal armor of the T-54 hull first sample thicker than the IS-3, and even more so reservations exceeding frontal projection of IP-6. “Pyatdesyatchetvёrka” version 1.0 (alpha version “pyatdesyatchetvёrki”) is fully capable of “tankanut” in battle armor, if the situation demands it.

It is said for everything in this world has to pay. Even if paying – 36-ton tank with a 100 mm gun. In this case The security for their “first sample” had to pay mobility and low maximum speed. The machine can not lead the raider squad allied medium tanks during the storming of the key positions, but the maximum speed is enough to keep them at a distance, allowing to fire at opponents.

After a rapprochement with the Soviet enemy tanks are new branches may decide the outcome of a collision due to his own armor: the forehead hull and turret punch perfectly hold. Successfully delivered angled body is able to reflect shot an enemy tank, including technology X level.

In the battle with the machines of their level and below the T-54 the first sample has no problems: stay in the group with allies, tuck housing and do not come under several enemy trunks. Provided support allies will fully justified the aggressive attack of the melee. Average damage per minute allows easy enough to cope with both single-level “average”, and with the heavy tanks of the opposing team.

against high levels of technology will have to play cautiously. The most effective car show itself just behind the group of allied heavy tanks: Try not to fall under the attack of the enemy and to fire at vulnerable sites. Against heavily armored opponents sometimes have to use APDS.

Thus, the formula for success is simple, as the tank itself – simple and straightforward, but reliable as all Soviet technology. The machine is suitable for beginners and who are just beginning their battle your way to the World of Tanks, and veterans of virtual battles that know “Zen” line of T-44 and T-54.

Note: the power in simplicity! Good luck in your battle!

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