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as you already know, T-54 Prototype (AKA T-54 Model 1945) will be the Soviet tier 8 premium medium tank. Yuri Pasholok on his blog published (along with the photographs) a sheet of data for the vehicle. You can judge by yourself how historical the vehicle is in the game (in the brackets, game value for comparison).


Combat weight: 35,5 tons (35,5 tons)
Engine: V2-44, 520hp (520hp)
Power-to-weight: 14,6 hp/t (14,65 hp/t)
Groud pressure: 0,9 kg/cm2
Maximum speed: 43,5 km/h (44 km/h)
Average speed: 30-35 km/h
Offroad speed: 12-18 km/h
Speed at 1700 RPM with 1st gear: 6,12 km/h
Speed at 1700 RPM with 2nd gear: 13,25 km/h
Speed at 1700 RPM with 3rd gear: 18,65 km/h

Crew: 4 (4)

Length, gun forward: 8970mm
Length, gun back: 8490mm
Length of hull with smoke dischargers: 6555mm
Length of hull without smoke dischargers: 6175mm
Width: 3185mm
Height: 2275mm
Hull height: 1375mm
Clearance: 400mm
Width between centers of tracks: 2610mm
Length of the contact surface: 3940mm
Width of combat compartment: 1850mm
Length of combat compartment (from ammo rack to the engine compartment wall): 1570mm
Height of combat compartment: 1570mm

Armor (in the game it’s historical):
Upper front plate: 120mm (60 degrees)
Lower front plate: 120mm (45 degees)
Side armor: 90mm (0 degrees)
Upper rear plate: 30mm (60 degrees)
Middle rear plate: 45mm (17 degrees)
Lower rear plate: 30mm (70 degrees)
Engine deck and bottom: 15mm
Hull roof under the turret: 30mm
Turret front: 180mm
Turret side: 150 to 90mm (thinning towards the rear, 20 degrees)
Turret rear: 75mm (12 degrees)
Turret roof: 15mm

Gun: 100mm D10-T-K
Maximum elevation: 17 degrees (unknown in the game)
Maximum depression: -3 degrees (-6 in the game)
Ammo carried: 34
ROF: 5-6 RPM (7,8 in the game)
Machineguns: 7,62mm GVG, two pieces

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