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thanks to Looser for this one! An interesting video from the Syrian war, featuring a government T-55 shelling terrorists in Jobar (a part of Damascus) in December 2014.


As you can see, the old tank still has some teeth. The video was shot by Russian AnnaNews – the journalist mentions that the war in Jobar turned out to be a positional one, with government forces routinely shelling the terrorist-occupied area with direct and precise fire, demolishing terrorist firepoints one by one.

The T-55 tank is using AP shells, that penetrate two or three buildings. The army’s task is to contain the terrorist forces, so they don’t threaten the civillians of Damascus. The Syrians are using the T-55 because it’s not a primary battle zone and the vehicle’s rifled gun is quite sufficient to knock out enemy strongpoints at larger distances. Notice how the tank intentionally stops firing when there are civillian cars on the road not to hit them by accident.

Must be really strange to live like that… normal life a couple kilometers from a warzone.

At 5:40 notice a beautiful shockwave, I wish we had that effect in World of Tanks…

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