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Hello guys! Okay, moving away from the Picture/Photo of the Day format because I couldn’t keep it up every day. Instead, I’ll just use normal titles. Even though, “normal”… okay.

T-90A Snackbar

This photo shows a recently captured T-90A MBT, driven by snackbars (not sure who, I think it’s not ISIS but the “moderate heacutters” aka FSA, hence the high-tech escort). If you are wondering where the ERA is – it’s missing, revealing a nice look at the welded T-90A turret (the standard T-90/T-90S has a round, cast one). The Syrian Arab Army “Tiger” forces managed to basically ruin everything inside the turret with a grenade and the optics are blown to shit from the outside, so this vehicle is completely useless for combat and can be used as a tractor only.

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