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[1,999,002] Historical data: [1,999,004] Обзор Т34 [1,999,004] At the beginning of 1945 in order to increase the firepower of tanks, artillery department learned the use of an anti-aircraft gun 120mm T53. It turned out that this gun for broneprobivayuschim superior capabilities already used guns – 105mm and 155mm T5E1 T7. During the test firing test was used 120mm armor-piercing shell T20E3 who weighs 23kg has an initial velocity 945m / s., In addition to the development of ammunition was Subcaliber HVAP an initial rate of 1 249.68m / s. As a result, according to the OCM 27662 of 17 May 1945 it recommended that the Department of Artillery 120mm guns on two pilot T30 tank and rename them to the heavy tank T34. 31 on me in 1945, this recommendation was approved.

Review without unnecessary numbers and calculations
Обзор Т34
T34 American preimuny TT 8th level. With a terrible body armor, but a great weapon and armor of the tower.
The fact that we call heavy tank, does not mean that we are getting to the top, all must be tanked and everywhere. Unfortunately armor we do not allow. Even tanks 6th level you are able to break through in the NLD.
This is a premium tank, so it should make good profit. Believe this T34 consults on hurray. When applying for the 3000 battle damage you will get ~ 75 K-100K clean silver
Nothing to explore it is not necessary. Bought and ride.

little TTX
Обзор Т34

The first time you will feel that this is the worst tank because of its armor. But it is not. Over time you will begin to enjoy its advantages and disadvantages.
Like many Americans have good angles T34 vertical novodki. This will play out over the hills, showing only his strong tower.
Even when the tank crosses to the 10th level, or you wake in the top, we have the same tactics. Apply damage from behind the stronger tanks allies.
Although it is possible and to consider one more tactic in this tank. Tactics Fri
For this, we need to install the telescope on the tank, pump disguise the crew and get a suitable bush. Accurate weapon will allow causing damage from a distance.

Excellent tool to damage 300-500. Best damage among eighth levels
Good angles vertical lay
Strong Tower forehead
Good broneprobite base snyaryadom
Precise instrument

Weak body armor
bad review
Mediocre dynamics
long mixing

that the braid consumables here standard
Rem.komplekt, first aid kit, fire extinguisher

As modules spit here on the fan
1) Play as TT
a) – Improved ventilation, gun rammer large hummingbird usileneye drive pickup. Thereby improving the overcharging and mixing
b) – the vertical stabilizer pickup, gun rammer large hummingbird usileneye drive pickup. Thereby increasing the accuracy
2) Play as PT
– telescope, gun rammer large hummingbird usileneye drives pickup

Example configuration
Обзор Т34

The game

Обзор Т34

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