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Tackling Network Issues
2016-05-23 16:54:38 / News

We’re aware that some of you encountered frustrating network issues after the release of Update 2.9, including simultaneous team freezes and short-term lag. We take these issues very seriously, and in an effort to improve your game experience, released a server update on May 19 that should fix the short term lag and freezing.

Some of you may remember that we recently switched over to the BigWorld engine, and several of these network issues can be attributed to that switch. Despite rumors going around, these issues aren’t the result of poor server strength or too many training rooms; so continue creating training rooms and battling in them! If you’re looking for a detailed break down of some of these issues and what caused them, please join in the discussion on the forums.

We’re continually improving our ability to locate and fix bugs, and we’ll continue to roll out fixes to tackle these frustrating network issues. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

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