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Take part in the beta test World of Tanks Generals!


are pleased to announce the approach of the final phase of testing World of Tanks Generals – strategic card game dedicated exciting tank battles. At your disposal will be over two hundred cards with a set of unique features that allow use on the battlefield variety of tactics, from lightning massive offensive to sudden attacks and prolonged trench warfare.


Note: if you’ve left an application to participate in the testing World of Tanks Generals, re-submission of application is not required.

In the “general” awaits you:

  • Affordable training passing that you can easily learn the features of the game mechanics and combat interface.
  • 211 cards of three nations: USSR, Germany and the United States. Of these, 3 headquarters and 20 initial cards are issued immediately.
  • 22 types of equipment [1,999,008], allowing players to change the terms of the fight. For example, retake the starting cards, prohibit drawing light tanks in the first turn or get an additional card with the desired property.
  • combat missions and tokens . dealing damage to enemy troops and performing combat missions, experience and credits, as well as earn a premium currency – the tokens that can be spent, for example, for the purchase of premium cards. After the official release tokens will be renamed gold bars – the analogue of “gold” in World of Tanks.
  • Achievements and insignia. 15 different military awards, outstanding players for the exceptional skill shown in the fighting.

Closed beta Testing will begin this spring . During the test, the game will be available through popular web browsers. Mobile version of World of Tanks Generals for tablets and smartphones are already in development.

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