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Tank Academy: Pop Quiz – Medium Tanks
2015-08-10 09:43:00 / Guides

Good morning class! Last week, we learned all about light tanks — Now it’s time to learn about their big brothers, medium tanks!

In the quest for the perfect tank design, some tank types prioritize speed, firepower or armor over the other two. Light tanks focus primarily on speed, for example, while medium tanks are typically optimized for a precise balance between all three assets.

Medium tanks are the most versatile units in the game, able to fulfill several roles on the battlefield at a moment’s notice. They aren’t the fastest, the best armed or the most heavily armored, but medium tanks can move to an area quickly, support their teammates with accurate cannon fire, and flank larger enemies while still carrying enough armor and hit points to withstand a few shots over the course of a battle.

As discussed in our article on light tanks, you start learning medium tank tactics when playing low-tier light tanks, and it is important to note that these tactics stay relevant to any tier of medium play:

While you may begin the game with tier I light tanks, these specific vehicles are often slower and better-armed than higher-tier light tanks and, as such, can be played similarly to medium tanks. You can damage most of the tanks that you see but, on the flipside, you can also be damaged by them. You should not rely on your armor or assume that the enemy will not see you.

Medium tank fundamentals can be learned by reading our instructional comic

Much better than a textbook, isn’t it?

For the purposes of this week’s lesson, medium tanks can be sorted into three sub-classes: the Brawler, the Jack of All Trades and the Run-and Gun, which have unique strengths and playstyles that can be used to surprise unsuspecting enemies.

It’s Quiz time, good luck!

Attention Students!

You can use your new medium tank skills to accomplish this rewarding mission!

The Brawler

Not quite a heavy tank, the Brawler is still designed to get up close and personal! Exemplified by the Soviet medium line, these tanks’ powerful guns are effective at close and medium range, while their well-sloped armor ensures that they can take some hits as they engage the enemy. While Brawlers may not have the most accurate cannon, their strengths give them a devastating effect on any battle as they close in for the kill and outfox larger enemies.

Question 1) True or False?
You’re driving the Soviet tier VI T-34-85 and you’re up against two enemy vehicles that have low health. A friendly TD ahead of you has been damaged. You should head up the hill and challenge the damaged enemies – their combined health pool is less than your health, so you can take a couple of hits at the cost of removing two enemy guns from the game, hopefully saving a teammate.

Question 2) True or False?
As a Brawler, you don’t need to worry about taking hits or about the terrain you are fighting on because your armor is so good for a medium tank.

The Jack of All Trades

Wielding a fearsome combination of good guns and frontal armor, the Jack of All Trades can pop out from cover and concealment in ways that enemy vehicles cannot match! Well-armed and flexible, US medium tanks are fantastic at moving around terrain to rule over hill and valley alike; turning a rapidly changing battlefield to their advantage!

Question 3) True or False?
You’re in command of the US tier V M4 Sherman with a smaller medium tank backing you up, and you’ve just managed to peek over the hill and hit an enemy tank. Your next move should be to preserve your HP by moving back from the crest of the hill to minimize your exposure time, before popping up to fire at the enemy again.

Question 4) True or False?
Moving to the top of (but not over) a sloping hill can increase the angle of your frontal armor making it harder for enemies to score a penetrating hit. If you move carefully, you can peek out with our turret and bounce a surprising number of enemy shots while also using your gun depression take shots yourself. 

The Run-and-Gun

These medium tanks carry guns that can speak frequently and with great authority, but their armor isn’t the best for the thick of a fight. British and German medium tanks are the best examples since they boast great mobility and high-powered, fast-firing guns. To play this sub-class to its strengths, move with teammates as they advance, know when to pull back, and keep its gun in the fight for the entire match!

Question 5) True or False?
Your British tier VI Cromwell has just put three rounds into the flank of an ISU-152 tank destroyer two tiers above you, and its big gun has turned to face your tank. Congratulations, you’ve got his attention now! You should stay exactly where you are, and keep shooting. It’ll only take another four shots to knock him out, right?

Question 6) True or False?
With speed and a really good gun, even when alone on a flank, you should never retreat from a fight because it’s your territory now and the enemy will have a hard time hitting you at any range!

Attention Students!

If you have already responded to all of the questions, the correct answers are at the bottom of the page!



1) True: It is always a good idea to keep allied tanks in the game as long as possible, even if it means taking some hits for them. It is also worth the HP cost to get in close and remove two enemy guns from the match.
2) False: It is always important to know that you can move your gun to hit the enemy. If you can’t point your gun at an enemy tank due to sloping terrain, you will have to reposition, and if you are in range of the enemy, this wastes shots and your HP. It isn’t a matter of always taking hits to do damage; it’s a question of when taking a hit to deal more damage to the enemy is worth it!
3) True: The M4 tank family and the US medium line in general offer outstanding gun handling over rough terrain and give you the chance to minimize exposure to the enemy by moving up and around hills.
4) True: Angling armor in most tanks will make it harder for enemies to penetrate if they are in the wrong location, as it effectively increases the thickness of the armor plate by changing the angle at which the shell will hit the armor!
5) False: Facing a higher-tier enemy with armor that you can’t reliably penetrate from the front (and which, in this case, mounts a devastating gun) with only half of your HP remaining is a losing proposition. Retreat, reposition, and approach the ISU-152 from another direction.
6) False: A medium tank on the move can survey more territory and is less likely to be hit or destroyed than a medium tank that remains in place. 

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