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Танк Армата, эхехей!
Tank Armata, ehehey !
In the Military-Industrial Commission of Russia criticized the cost of new tanks “Armata”, which in the near future should reach the troops. Open sources sounded estimated numbers in the hundreds of millions of rubles per car – can cost as much light fighter. Such a fantastic price, however, may have an explanation.

Russian “Corporation” Uralvagonzavod “(DC) will work on reducing prices new tanks” Armata “ when entering a more serious series production, – said Alexei Zharich, deputy director of the corporation, which creates new Russian tank. – We have all been signed, the price agreed upon. This is a new, more advanced technology, so it is, of course, is more expensive than the previous generation. “

Earlier, deputy chairman of the board of Military-Industrial Commission of Russia, Oleg Bochkarev criticized the cost of the new tanks” Armata “, calling it is too high. In response Zharich said that it is not about modernizing the previous technology, as an absolutely new product, which determined the high cost of trial batch. “Our tanks are still two times cheaper than the competition,” – said the representative of the corporation.

It is reasonable to assume that the debate about the cost of the new platform is already in its production version will be continued as long as most likely achieved only an interim agreement between designers, manufacturers and buyers. Until relatively recently, such conflicts between the Defense Ministry and the military-industrial complex had to settle directly with the participation of the president. Particularly heated debate going on about the price of naval equipment, including nuclear submarines. Now these functions are assigned to Dmitry Rogozin, who seems ready to take the first batch of the new tank on this already agreed, the price.

Why does the machine turns out, apparently, very expensive? What efforts had to take and what to spend money in order to run this project and create a new generation tank?

“Armata” – Universal heavy platform on which to create a whole range of military tracked vehicles, main battle tank, infantry fighting vehicle, heavy armored, tank support combat vehicle, armored recovery vehicle, the chassis for self-propelled guns, and so on. It is assumed that the tank on the basis of “Almaty was” to have a gun with remote, fully digital control (an uninhabited tower), and crew will be placed in an isolated bronekapsuly . In fact it is a unified platform interspecific heavy tracked machines with weight from 30 to 65 tons, the equivalent of the American GCV.

“There is an integral index – ratio of military-technical level, – says deputy director Vyacheslav UVZ Halitov. – According to this index for a unit, we take the T-72B. According to him outside the military-technical level of “Almaty was” grows almost quadrupled. Created based on the platform “Armata” tank – tank is the fifth generation. According to its characteristics it will exceed 25-30% all existing analogues tanks in the world. “

On the development of” Almaty was “at UVZ took only five years old. For the development of this class of machines is a very short time. With regard to general financial investments, including R & D and R & D, they are deeply classified. In 2011, Vladimir Putin said that for modernization Uralvagonzavod (purchase of machinery, equipment, repair facilities, and so on) will be allocated more than 64 billion rubles.

The performance characteristics of future tanks, of course, are not disclosed. Therefore, many experts believe that the new tank – a “lite” version is being developed 15 years ago promising tank “Object-195” or T-95 “Black Eagle.” Development of this vehicle closed in 2010. According to one version, just because of too high a price. On the other – because of the position the Defense Ministry, headed at that time, Anatoly Serdyukov, believe that the T-95 – no more than another modernization of T-72. The then commander of ground troops Alexander Postnikov said that the Defense Ministry has refused to buy expensive, in his opinion, the T-90, because of their exorbitant price reached 118 million rubles. for the “pieces.” In the words of the commander in chief, for the same money “to buy three German tank” Leopard “.

Танк Армата, эхехей!

Former Deputy Chief Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defence (GABTU ) Lt. Gen. Yuri Kovalenko stock quoted other figures. According to him, the cost of the T-90A – somewhere in the range of 70 million rubles. per unit, the American tank Abrams – 217 million rubles., the French Leclerc – 255 million, the German Leopard-2 – 167 million, and the Ukrainian T-80 – 120 million rubles. In other words, our tank – the cheapest. But here’s the cost of one tank of the “Armata” estimated sounded in open sources to exceed 400 million rubles (no official confirmation of this figure was not and could not be). If this is true, then the sum is really fantastic: such money aviation industry asks for the MiG-29.

To a large extent these funds are justified by numerous innovations, which are planned to be applied in future tanks Armata.

So, experts argue that the suspension “Almaty was” to have a classic shestikatkovuyu (T-95, there were seven) scheme. Inside the tank will be a new 12-speed automatic transmission with manual shift.

The engine also had to create a new – A-85-3A. His life – not less than 2000 hours, the mass – five tons. On dimensions and weight-power characteristics novelty should surpass the best foreign samples engine-transmission settings. Diesel four-stroke, X-shaped, 12-cylinder turbocharged gas turbine supercharged and intercooled air, liquid-cooled engine 12N360 passed a series of tests of the entire resource to running back in 2011. Rated motor power 1500 liters. c., but because of resource saving, it is reduced to 1200 l. c. With a weight of 50 tons tank that is enough to significantly increase the maneuverability of the new combat vehicle than its predecessors. At the T-90, by the way, the power plant has a capacity of 1000 liters. c.

As expected, at “Armata” will stand Combat Information Management System – “digital board”. Using it is launched and control, diagnostics, adjust the machine. That is, in case of failure to decide what to fix, would not the crew or the repair team, and electronics.

occupies a special place new armor: layered “cake” made of metal, ceramics, and composites. It is based on the new armor steel of 44C-St-W, created by specialists of JSC “Research Institute of Steel”, able to increase the armor properties appliances for more than 15%. The use of this steel has allowed developers while maintaining the necessary level of armor penetration to reduce weight by 15%.

The tank will stand as a new 125-mm gun 2A82. On a technical level, as stated, it is superior to all existing tank guns in 1,2-1,25 times. 2A82 cannon muzzle energy of 1.17 times the best weapon of NATO – 120mm system tank “Leopard-2A6”, the length of the barrel of domestic gun 60 cm lower.

According to the terms of reference Minpromtorga, “Armata” will receive Ka-band radars operating on the basis of an active phased array (AESA). Exactly the same is planned to put on a fifth-generation fighter T-50. The system is able to simultaneously dynamic and up to 40 to 25 aerodynamic targets, control territory within a radius of 100 kilometers and automatically destroy targets up to 0.3 meters. In fact, “Armata” is positioned as a universal shock machine ground troops, including a full-tactical missile system, anti-aircraft defense system, a complex of military reconnaissance and target designation and the actual tank.

Танк Армата, эхехей!
On the “Armata” will be a new system of dynamic protection Kolomna Machine Building Design Bureau – “Afghani”. From public sources is known about it that its radar system operates in the millimeter range, the first to use the protective ammunition warhead type percussion core, not fragmentation as before. Middle line interception missiles, rocket-propelled grenades or projectiles of 15-20 meters and a maximum speed of interception armor-piercing projectiles – 1700 m / s. In the future, “Armata” is planned to establish a more perfect system of protection “Barrier”. It will already be able to intercept targets flying at a speed of 2500 to 3000 m / s.

All of this explains the abundance of new products and the high cost of the new tank. You can judge this by the numbers though spending on R & D carried out in the interests of “Almaty was.” For example, according to open sources, only the performance of the ROC “Development of Industrial Technology serial manufacturing of microwave units and microwave circuit boards used in the product,” Armata “,” Boomerang “,” Kurganets “technology and automated control of main parameters of products,” cipher “Armata” Budget cost of 57 million rubles. And this was just one of dozens, maybe hundreds development work carried out in the framework of the development and establishment of a new Russian tank.

As explained by a source in the industry, many things had to be done from scratch. For example, there was virtually lost production of armored steel and tank guns. This issue the last few years was engaged state corporation “Rostec” which actually recovered from the ruins of the Volgograd Steel Works “Red October”. Equally problematic was in the ammunition industry. Starting with the fact that in recent years, the plant had to go the way of the modernization of the global shift to cotton for the manufacture of gunpowder on cellulose.

Танк Армата, эхехей!

Mass production machines unfold with 2015 and before 2020. Defense Ministry plans to get over this five-year period of not less than 2.3 thousand. Tanks. Their name is not yet known, called variants of T-14 “Armata” or T-99 “Priority”. The appearance of new tanks publicly promised on the Victory Day parade May 9, 2015.

“the decision of the Defense Ministry are two ceremonial” box “(combatant units), – says deputy director Vyacheslav UVZ Halitov. – While their numbers are not fully defined. Rather, it will be six to eight units in the “box”. Approximately the number of cars we will release in experimental batch. ” That is, in the near future, the Russian army will receive from 12 to 16 “Armat”. And, of course, after a while this tank appears in all games – tank simulator !
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