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Tank Destroyer Spotlight – M18 Hellcat
2015-03-02 19:26:00 / News

Update 1.7 introduced a brand new line of American heavy-hitters. These tank destroyers are outfitted with serious firepower and were designed with one purpose: perforate even the most thickly armored enemy vehicles.

One of the most famous vehicles in this group is the M18 Hellcat. The US built the Hellcat to counter the increasingly robust German armor Allied forces were facing on the battlefield. As is true of many tank destroyers, the Hellcat traded armor for punching power, making it a potent but vulnerable combatant.

When fully equipped, the M18 Hellcat sports an intimidating 90mm gun. When combined with its slight profile, this serious gun makes it a dangerous and nimble fighter. What’s more, this tier VI tank destroyer is among the fastest armored vehicles on the battlefield.

When commanded proficiently, the Hellcat is most effective at a distance and is capable of eliminating almost anything it’s destined to encounter. You’ll want to use its small size and impressive top-end speed to find and maneuver between advantageous firing positions. Don’t be afraid to evade returning fire in the interest of self-preservation. Keeping the Hellcat in the fight keeps the enemy occupied; its damage potential can never be ignored.

Take the Hellcat for a spin and revel in your ability to shred through light, medium, and heavy tanks alike. But beware; that thin armor makes you easy prey. Move silently and swiftly to keep the enemy guessing… until you can eliminate the competition!

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