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Tank Destroyer Spotlight: T110E4
2015-03-16 10:15:00 / News

Let’s dive into another newly added American tank destroyer from Update 1.7, but this time it’s the top dog! The T110E4 is the last of the American tank destroyer line, and is everything you want in a destroyer of enemy tanks. 

With a precise and powerful weapon, the T110E4 can deal up to 800 damage with a standard shell at 93% accuracy. The tier X sports a decent amount of armor, and the semi-rotating turret makes it rather versatile, depending on how the battle is unfolding. Don’t be afraid if you find yourself face-to-face with your enemy, just be wary of your sides and weak spots. And it’s important to keep in mind that your turret doesn’t fully rotate, so you’ll be the perfect flanking target. Face your enemies head-on, as your frontal armor is thicker than the rest. And keep moving to ensure the enemy can’t find your weakspots! 

Once upgraded, the penetration and armor of this beast make it a serious threat to whomever decides to confront it in battle. And once you master its technique, the T110E4 can become one of the most rewarding vehicles in your arsenal!

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