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Tank Destroyer Spotlight: T28 Prototype
2015-03-09 10:24:00 / News

We take a look at another American tank destroyer recently introduced in Update 1.7. The key characteristic of this new tank destroyer branch is their rotating (for the most part) turrets giving them an upper hand on the battlefield.

One of the more popular tank destroyers in this group is the tier VIII T28 Prototype. Originally designed for the purpose of breaching the German Siegfried Line, this tank destroyer has several explosive guns to choose from and tough armor at the expense of mobility. This is in contrast to the M18 Hellcat which places an emphasis on firepower and mobility, so be sure not to get caught in the open driving this tier VIII machine.

The T28 Prototype has a selection of impressive arms, with the most popular choice being the 120mm gun. Although the largest in caliber, the 120mm still has a decent rate of fire meaning that no matter what tier you’re in, you can still provide a continuous flow of fire.

Although equipped with a semi-rotatable turret, long corridors and straightaways are perfectly suited for the T28 Prototype. Your tough 203mm armor will bounce most incoming fire and your powerful gun can do the rest. Remember, the biggest asset for a tank destroyer is its weapon, so keeping your gun in the fight will increase your odds of victory. After wrecking your foes in the T28 Prototype, what will you do with all that extra scrap metal?

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