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Very soon you will be able to look at familiar tanks on -New. In October, the screen comes the film “Rage” ( Fury ). The plot of the film – the fate of an American tank M4A3E8, which the crew gave the name “Rage.” Exhibit tank museum shook the old days: again, as they did 70 years ago, he went into battle, but under the camera lens.

Tanks M4A3E8 series, or as they are affectionately called themselves the tankers, “faithful Eight”, were the most perfect series of tanks type M4 “Sherman”. These machines stopped the offensive of the 5th and 6th German tank armies in the Ardennes, in conjunction with the assault tanks M4A3E2 “Jumbo” broke through to the besieged Bastogne, crossed the Rhine, bringing up the environment around the German army in the Ruhr industrial area.

Paper M4A3E8 Sherman tank model comes in two series: “The layout of the tank” contains a detailed scan of historicity and “Bronekorobochka” will glue “Sherman” in one of two options: a tank from the movie “Rage” and the tank in the game winter camouflage. Brochures are interrelated: if a model “Bronekorobochka” authentic enough for you, you can add the details of its models “Layout of the tank.” If you selected the “Layout of the tank”, you can always simplify it by taking items from “Bronekorobochki.”

Model Tank “Sherman” in the series “Bronekorobochka” is going to quickly and easily – just a couple of evenings. The brochure contains multiple frontal sheet machine with logos of popular tank clans. To recreate the look of an armored vehicle used textures and camouflage of World of Tanks, archival drawings and photographs.

Download model M4A3E8 Sherman from the series “The layout of the tank.”


In the “Modeling” contest starts assembling models from the series “Bronekorobochka . ” The terms of participation in the competition, you can find here .

And to M4A3E8 Sherman became the real hero of the film, we have updated and completed the brochure “The layout of the tank”: here added kit and ammunition (logs, boxes, cans, etc..). These accessories you can use to fine-tune the model “Bronekorobochka.”

Note that for the prize participants, in addition to possession of gold, will receive special awards.

Do not forget to share photos of completed model! In addition, if you want to build a model of any other tank, or get advice from experienced modelers to send photos of models and leave your feedback on the official forum of the game in the “Modeling” .

Models series “Layout tank” and “Bronekorobochka” developed by experts site World of Papertanks .


remind October 17 to November 17 in Premium store available kits with the tank
image image image M 4 A 3 E 8 Sherman Fury .

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