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Tank M4A3E8 Fury Sherman, реальная ярость
Hi guys! Company Wargaming, developer of MMO games “World of Tanks” in commemoration of the next “film about tanks” launched a share.

October 17, 2014 to November 17, 10:00 am (GMT) in the official premium store available to you tank M4A3E8 Sherman Fury

Special sets with American premium medium tank level 6 M4A3E8 Sherman Fury includes the tank itself in the form of the model with high resolution, a slot in the hangar, a special 100% trained the crew.

  • Tank M4 Fury + slot + 100% crew + 30 days premium account = 25 USD
  • Tank M4 Fury + slot + 100% crew + gold = 25.000 100 USD

M4A3E8 Fury – tank sergeant Vardeddi in the”Fury” movie


Tank M4A3E8 Fury Sherman, экипаж
But is it good tank as touted his many? Reservations loses pumped M4 Sherman, weight greater maneuverability worse, as well as the tank gets into fights with the eighth or even the ninth level of the tanks. And against them can not do anything. To buy or not – everyone decides for himself!


Interesting information about the tank M4 Sherman

As you know, the tank M4 Sherman, 105-mm self-propelled guns Priest, Canadian Ram tank and other tanks were made based on M3 Lee. Few people know, but the history of armored APCs Kangaroo began with the fact that Lieutenant-General Simonds, commander of the Canadian Corps of the second, when planning an offensive operation after landing in Europe realized that his tanks quickly left without infantry. I mean, they leave from it, at least. So he wanted to have equal mobility and security with tanks, armored wagons for the infantry. Something to do with the zero time was not, but one could try to think of something of what it is. His choice fell on a 105-mm self-propelled guns Priest, and it was a good choice.
105-мм САУ Priest
Why? Well, because, for example, that in the first place – cutting ACS was much more spacious, allowing paratroopers in an amount of 10-15 people obsessed there normally, and exit back through the roof of the MTO was more or less covered by the fire front. Secondly – the process to remove the gun was inexpensive and reversible. And thirdly, – standard machine gun mount ACS Priest – just perfect for the role of staff approached the location of weapons already APCs. As well as specially conceived!
M3 БТР Кенгуру
72 machines were produced by 6 August 1944 and perfectly proven in battle. Infantry carried surprisingly low loss, and inspired by the fact that they now have their own tanks – kicked the Germans at the tail with udesyatirennym enthusiasm. Of course, these APCs also suffered losses, but the overall effect was evaluated as “magnificent.” Rewarding experience “kengurizatsii” tanks and self-propelled guns was immediately picked up and colleagues from the Metropolitan and the Americans – but the trouble is mostly under the armored vehicles began to start up tanks with damaged towers, rather than chopping ACS, thus skewing effect.
M3 БТР Кенгуру
Of course, one must understand that this decision was – pure improvisation, inspiration of genius, and in terms of field alterations inevitably deformed, coming into contact with reality, but !! Let for more than half a century about heavy infantry fighting vehicles “Tank booking” forgotten – but now there is, in my opinion, the Renaissance idea. This is reasonable because any other way to provide infantry tanks – with a good chance to survive the infantry – just not visible. That does not negate the need for floating and light infantry fighting vehicles, and at the level of 75% of the total number of BMP.

Armored recovery vehicle based on the M3 Lee / M4 Sherman

ARV RAM AVRE – good car, a good solution – one thing

Tanks break. This is especially true during the war, when the enemy deliberately breaks them all available forces. So we have to do and the machines that these heaviest piece of iron can pull out under fire, repair and so on. Of course, nothing but the tank on the role of the workpiece by a special machine is not necessary – it was too much they weigh. In the simplest case with the tank already removed unnecessary tower – and forward, but there is a subtlety. This solution is simple, of course – but it is very weak. What’s the matter?
The fact that the repair and recovery vehicles – a self storage and mini-workshops in one person. A place in the tank just a very little … So Canadians by developing your tank RAM – do not forget about the repair. RAM ARV – the first model – instead of the tower had a hollow mock-trunk, but this too was not enough, and in the version of RAM AVRE’s attempts did not differ from the line of tanks spit, and put a hefty cutting, which fits, finally, all that that I wanted. Well, not to cause an unhealthy interest in the opponent – welded a piece of pipe, trying to portray the chopping ACS. I do not know how much it helped, but nonetheless.
However, if you look at the back – it is no illusion. Huge opener, allowing the winch (which is just above the arrow) to pull out a damaged car cable, not substitute for the fire, a large number priveshannyh outside any spare parts and auxiliary materials leave no doubt about the functionality of the machine. On the other hand, and what to do? And everything is good, but have built such a machine exactly one … Tanks RAM in a real fight and go, have served all my life training for the American “Sherman” (whom were close relatives), so that the greatest need in getting them out of the fire was not under .
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