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offer you mobile application Tank Masters – puzzle game tank on the topic . You try on the role of the design engineer in charge of designing the new armored vehicles in the 1920-1960 biennium. The game is developed by our partners from the company Bytex , and is available for both iOS and to Android .

In the current version of the player access one partition – School of tank USSR. Subsequently, the game will be added to Germany, the US, Britain and France.

Starting the game with compound 4 basic elements, you will get more complex technical components and mechanisms, each of which is equipped with a small historical note. You will meet with famous tank designers to create a unique, ahead of his time machine. Knowledge of history, logic and imagination to help you create your first tank, and thus embark on an exciting path of development and modernization, the end of which you are waiting for the top of the tank production of the USSR – known to every tankman IS-7 and T-62A.

C to download the app and play without limits is completely free; fee is only access to the in-game tips.

application is easy to learn and is designed for a broad audience. It will help pass the time or take the younger “tank driver.”

Good luck novice designers!


application Tank Masters is also available in the Useful Software .

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