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Hello warriors,

yesterday in the evening there was a stream on RU server called “Tank Wednesday” (with developers). Here’s what was said in it.

– the “Domination” mode will be a temporary mode that will last 1 month. It will be released during summer holidays, this will be announced soon
– flag capture in the “Domination” mode didn’t work very well, as a result some maps were removed from the mode
– the “Domination” mode was implemented to test the garage battles mechanism and some other features
– devs have developed the feature where during loging you see the ping of all the servers of the cluster but for now it will not be implemented: “use autologin”
– WoT premium system will not be changed: premium account for X amount of battles or for several hours only will not be added
– developers are not working on night battles or weather
– developers confirm the upcoming nerf of both credit and gold shells. After the nerf, the TD’s will be the vehicles with highest penetration still – the “strange” penetration nerf that was leaked from supertest was actually an internal test variant that the devs decided to test on supertest. It’s too early to tell how exactly will the nerf look like. One thing is for sure: “huge number of vehicles” will have their penetration rebalanced
– the nerf of credit and gold shells will come at the same time but only when the developers have enough data to implement it, they will test like half of all the vehicles. It will come in distant future.
– developers are working on historical battles, they are aware of the fact that nobody wants to play lowtier tanks
– the rework of perks and skills is already prepared as a whole concept but the developers didn’t start working on it yet
– by 11th of May, 500k people on RU server were chatbanned
– Roaming will definitely not come – for multiple reasons, one of them is “purely technical”
– Chat 2.0 is in development
– developers will continue to promote platooning by new events, missions etc.
– currently the developers have three maps ready for release which will gradually be implemented into the game: Berlin (city map), Paris and Studyanki (Polish-themed map)

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