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Tankenstein is Alive!
2015-10-14 17:25:00 / Events

From the deepest, darkest depths of World of Tanks Blitz comes the most unique tank the game’s ever seen—Tankenstein! A monstrous mash-up of German and Soviet weaponry, Tankenstein is a battlefield smash! This tier VII heavy tank is howlingly fun to play and sure to strike terror in the hearts of your foes!

But it’s not all tricks; grabbing this wicked weapon for yourself is a real treat! Work your way through seven missions and you’ll be able to add Tankenstein to your Garage, no purchase necessary! To do so you’ll need to earn some sweet XP, but each mission stage can be completed for Gold as well! 

Starts Thursday, October 15, 06:00 PT / 09:00 ET
Ends Friday, October 30, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET Tankenstein Missions

MissionConditionsReward Tankenstein Stage 1 Earn 3,150 XP or complete for 50 1 Token Tankenstein Stage 2 Earn 15,750 XP or complete for 250 1 Token Tankenstein Stage 3 Earn 44,100 XP or complete for 700 1 Token Tankenstein Stage 4 Earn 75,600 XP or complete for 1,200 1 Token Tankenstein Stage 5 Earn 113,400 XP or complete for 1,800 1 Token Tankenstein Stage 6 Earn 157,500 XP or complete for 2,500 1 Token Tankenstein Stage 7 Earn 220,500 XP or complete for 3,500 VII HT Tankenstein

XP can be earned in any vehicle. XP earned with a Premium account is counted, but first victory XP or mission reward XP will not be counted.

Tankenstein missions will replace existing missions, but your progress in the the replaced missions will be saved and they will be available again after the Tankenstein event ends.

Last Chance for Gold!

From Friday, October 30, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET until Sunday, November 1, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET, players will only be able to complete remaining stages with Gold.


After Sunday, November 1, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET, players who completed at least three mission stages but did not receive the Tankenstein will receive Premium time as compensation as per the following:

Stage CompleteCompensation Tankenstein Stages 1-2 – Tankenstein Stage 3 1 Day of Premium Tankenstein Stage 4 2 Days of Premium Tankenstein Stage 5 3 Days of Premium Tankenstein Stage 6 5 Days of Premium


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