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That awkward feeling when you realize that most of the really cool stuff you have (exact Chieftain armor thickness, various modern armor schematics etc.) you can’t share for whatever reason :(

Type 97 Te-Ke China 1941

Alright, something I can share then. A color photo of Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke tankette in China, 1941. For Chinese service, Japanese tanks were perfectly suitable – you don’t need a big gun or super thick armor to defeat a bunch of demoralized guys with obsolete rifles. Once they started running into western tanks, however, their situation changed rapidly.

Notice the burning house. The Sino-Japanese war that lasted from 1937 to 1945 is not talked about much, but the Chinese losses were staggering – estimates vary wildly but they may reach up to 10 million soldiers and 20 million civilians. Just think about it… 30 million people. Japan lost over a million men in China and Burma alone.

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