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Dear players, as you remember, The first part of the material was devoted to general information about innovations in team battles to update 9.7. The second and final article provides more specificity.

Creating static command

Building a team is available to each player World of Tanks. Just go to the game mode “Team Deathmatch”, select the tab “Play ladder” and then click “Create a Team”. You can then send out invitations to join a team of interest to you players.

At the same time, you can send up to 20 invitations.

In a static team may consist of up to 12 people. Players in the team have different titles:

  • team owner;
  • officer;
  • soldier.

team owner is the player who created it. The following table lists the available powers in detail for all posts.

Position Authority
Team owner Transferring ownership team .
Dissolution of the team.

Restore disbanded the team.

management team composition (include / exclude players from the state, changing positions of players in the state).

Editing commands (change of name, logo and so on. d.).
collection team for fighting (rating or conventional battles.)
The ability to switch between the rating and the usual fights.
Participation in the fighting (rating, or normal)

officer collection team for fighting (rating, or normal).
The ability to switch between the rating or conventional battles (when creating a team player for fighting).
Participation in the fighting.
Exit State team
series Receiving invitations to the collection team. Participation in the fighting.
Exit State team

team can be any number of officers and men, but team owner there can be only one player.

Note: Collect commands for rating and conventional fighting as part of the static associations may only officers and team owner.

The player with the team, and is considered to be the commander has the right to gain membership to the fight, switch between rating (fighting in the ladder) and conventional battles .

The principle of the transition team of the division in the division

As a result of the fighting in the ladder static team to earn ranking points. On the number of ranking points position of the team depends on the global ladder.

On the infographic below shows the mechanism for moving the static teams division.

New Awards

For productive actions the team will receive a special medal, which will appear in the update 9.8. Please note that all the conditions for the issuance of medals involve fighting as part of the static command.

tactical advantage The victorious march tactical skill Covert operations For strategic operations
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