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Team fights in 9.7

Update 9.4 gave the game mode “Team Deathmatch” second wind: a new format of “Attack / Defense» added to the dynamics of fights and made them really interesting and exciting.

It’s time for the next step in the development of team fights.

Changes in update 9.7

With the release of version 9.7 in World of Tanks will be able to create a permanent (static) team to participate in team battles. The data on this team will be stored on the server.

There static team has its own name and logo. In its composition may include up to 12 soldiers. Join the team or leave it at any time.

Before going into battle commander will be able to select the type of battle: the fight in regular or ladders.

  • Normal battle – fight to the command of fighting between the national teams or static. If a static team lacks fighters have the opportunity to use search of foreign players – players joining the team only static for the duration of several conventional battles.
  • Fight in the ladder – duel mode command fights between static commands. Type of fight to be confirmed by the commander. Battles in the ladder available for compositions which include only members of the static command.

Games in the ladder are solely between static commands. The opposing sides are balanced on the basis of ranking teams themselves, which is calculated on the basis of success in the ladder battles, regardless of the performance of individual soldiers.

Thus, the selection takes into account the success of the opponent’s action team as a whole – will meet in a battle of equals.

Distinctive feature ladder battles – the ability to choose the technique before the fight. Within 30 seconds before the start, players can select the appropriate card and attacking or defending side tanks.

Global ladder

Fighting in the ladder battles static command at the same time taking part in the global ladder (ranking teams).

Global ladder – the distribution of teams in leagues and divisions, based on the number of points earned in the rating fights. Points ladder issued as a result of the fighting. Navigate through the same ladder can only be earning or losing points ladder.

Global ladder is divided into six leagues in each division 4. Each division can be an unlimited number of groups. The group can be up to 50 teams.

The transition from division to division depends on the number of points earned in battles ladder. “Width” of each division – 100 points. To move from division to division of the number of points the team has to either exceed the upper limit, or become less a certain number of points (currently – 30).

But even with a minimum number of points a team in any case will go to one of the divisions – in the lower division of the 6th league.

Static team can play against rivals from other groups / divisions / leagues if its rating allows it.

Global ladder is formed separately for each game of the season, which are held approximately every three months. At the time of start of the season the rating of all the teams reset. The results of the previous seasons will not affect the starting value rating.

Important ladder battles are only available during the playing season.

For more information on future developments we will inform with patch 9.7. Follow the news!

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