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Dear players!

June 18 launched an updated concept of armor penetration testing both conventional and premium ammunition. The new concept involves a number of changes in the performance characteristics of machinery highs.

The changes will affect most of the “top” PT-ACS and medium tanks, as well as some heavy tanks.

The main reasons for the revision:

  • The excess armor penetration in battles VIII-X levels: the ratio of successful shots, and no penetration exceeds that in the middle and lower levels.
  • The need to increase the role of reservations in high-level battles: as the analysis of these fights, the excess armor penetration and reduces the role of a heavy-armored vehicles.

The values ​​of armor penetration on the test server is not final. Changes TTX technology are finalized only after careful study of the statistics collected on the basis of tests. There will also be other changes in the parameters are defined to improve the game as a test machine (time information, stabilization while driving, reloading, and so on. D.).

The results of mass test – one of the key factors for the decision of such changes. The more developers get feedback, and the objective will be edited and submitted the findings

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