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Тестирование ПО на различных платформах

The demand for high-quality mobile applications has always been high, and in a highly competitive relevance for business began to feel even more acute. Mobile applications not only optimize internal business processes, but also affect indicators such as brand awareness and sales.

The market for mobile platforms is growing rapidly. Among them are the leading position occupied by iOS and Android, and behind them the rest – Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian. Most clients seek the services of the application development platform-specific (or under multiple platforms at the same time). In this regard, the growing demand for testing services, because the success of any software product – is its high quality.

Before you begin testing, experts studied the functional component of the finished application, guided by the requirements specified by the customer in the specifications. In the future, software testers preparing detailed test scenario and test documentation with which it will work. It fixed the errors and flaws in the system and its components. The testing takes into account the features and the most mobile platforms.

As part of the testing of applications iPhone and Android tester should check the following: screen size and interface resources of the mobile device (such as loss of memory, lack of free space for software installation), testing the screen resolution and operating system versions, validating product updates and more.

The main types of testing include:

  • functional testing ( assessment of functional applications to conform to the functional requirements)
  • usability testing (analysis convenience of the user interface developed product)
  • stability testing (automated test type, which determines the functionality of the application under a variety of load);
  • stress test (analysis of application performance under the influence of critical loads)
  • regression testing (evaluation of software functionality after changes or certain updates).

The company A1QA specialists provide professional testing services and display software in the mobile market.

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