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Competition “absolute superiority: Breakthrough” entering the home stretch! It will be held this weekend the hottest fights of the tournament: in the struggle for a prize pool 5500000 have only 8 teams: Tt.Nashorn , Gambit , Rising Star , Severe bees , EVG_RIF , One-T , -KOPM- , Hive {ArtFix } .

25 and 26 October will be the final game, which will be held on the system Double Elimination.

Tournament draw


Saturday, October 25

eight strong RU-region teams meet in the quarterfinals. Teams will try to go to the Grand Final the shortest route – the grid winners. However, not all succeed, and on the same day, you can see the winners of the semi-final grid and the first two fights grid losers.

Saturday’s broadcast will begin at 15:00 ( MSC) and will take place on channels:

For further schedule of fights and watch broadcasts in special theme on the forum.

Sunday, October 26

On Sunday, the final match will be held four: the third battle grid losers, the losers final mesh, the final grid Winners and Grand Finals.

Broadcast these fights will begin at 15:00 (MSC) on official channel Wargaming.net .

Do not miss the grand denouement!

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