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In the coming weekend will be the decisive battles of the tournament “The absolute superiority: Breakthrough” in absolute format 14/140 with a prize fund of more than 5500000 !

During the past week, more than 30 000 players came together in the battle for the right to get among the top eight teams clan RU-region.

Some statistics

This time the tournament was held in four time zones, from 15:00 until 23:00 (GMT).

In the battles participated:

  • in Zone A (15:00 GMT) – 122 commands;
  • in the zone B (18:00 GMT) – 164 Team;
  • in Area C (21:00 GMT) – 1024 instructions;
  • in the zone D (23:00 GMT) – 258 teams.

Total participated in the tournament 30053 Player in 1568 commands.

The winner of the last tournament, the team of Clan TREST , this time left for 1/16 qualifying round, losing to the team Tt.Nashorn representing the clan -KOPM .

In the group stage of the strongest teams made their way from all time zones:

Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
at 15:00 (GMT) 18:00 (GMT) 21:00 (MSC) 23:00 (GMT)
Coyotes Alpha
Severe Bees AZIAT BEST
Rising Star
Hive {ArtFix}

In the group stage turned tense struggle for points and reaching the final, and in group C was required to consider the results of personal meetings to determine the lucky winner.

Unfortunately , no team from the time zone A is not able to get into the final stage.

Let’s see how space is distributed in the group stage.

Group A

Team Tt.Nashorn , for all past tournament without losing a single fight, no problem took place in the final stage, gaining the maximum possible 15 points, which can be considered a serious bid to win the tournament. The second took place in the final stage of the team Gambit just lost the leader and tied the match with Far East ABLE WHITE .

Group B

The leaders of this group Rising Star and one more representative of Asia tournament Severe Bees , losing every one match in the group without problems get in the final stage.

Group C

team leader of the group EVG_RIF in the tournament never lost a battle, with the maximum possible 15 points leaves group stage and is also considered one of the main contenders for the top spot in the tournament.

In the second place in the group claimed just two teams with the same number of points: Coyotes Alpha and One- T . In the end, all agreed the result of a personal meeting. In the final stage took place One-T .

Group D

In the first place team in this group -KOPM- , mainly composed of well-known players Wargaming.net League. For the entire tournament, this team lost just one fight, and it is also considered one of the main contenders for the top spot in the tournament.

In the second place – the team Hive {ArtFix} conceded in the group stage Only the leader of the group.

Tournament draw and schedule fights the final stage


The first battles of the final stage will begin in Saturday, October 25. Watch live TV broadcasts!

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