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April 26 passed [1,999,014] Grand Final Wargaming.net League . Winners – HellRaisers command RU-region. Thanks to their victory since May 1, 9:00 (GMT) May 4, 8:30 (GMT) [1,999,009] RU-all players in the region expect [1,999,023 ] double experience for all the victories .

And now in more detail.

combat the problem

image “Vivat winners WGL!»


victory in battle


image Twice as much experience at the end of the battle

Limitations Random and team battles (including game ladders [1,999,015]).
All the equipment.
task you can perform an unlimited number of times

Experience charged for victory, starting from the second day

Recall that all the current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

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