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pay attention! Correct operation of the gaming event “Excellence” is only guaranteed to the “pure” client, without any custom modifications.

World Events “Excellence” will be held in two phases . Battles will take place at the first stage of the four maps:

  • “Lost City” (two teams of 10 players). [1,999,023]
  • [1,999,021] “Mines” (two teams of 10 players). [1,999,022]
  • [1,999,020] “Sandy River” (two teams of 15 players). [1,999,022]

    [1,999,020] “Monte Rosa” ( two teams of 15 players). [1,999,022]


    Fighting between the teams will be conducted for the flag, which is to capture and bring to your base . Read more about this in the section “Capture the Flag” .

    familiar with the location and description of the main elements of the game event “Excellence” can be an example map “mines”:

    During the second phase of the battle will go on the following maps:

    • “Lost City” (two commands 10 players). [1,999,022]
    • [1,999,020] [1,999,026] “Himmelsdorf” (two teams of 10 players). [1,999,022]

      [1,999,020] ” Karelia “ (two teams of 1 [1,999,026] 5 [1,999,026] players). [1,999,022]

      [1,999,020] ” Monte Rosa “ ( two teams of 1 [1,999,026] 5 [1,999,026] players). [1,999,022]


      The second stage is characterized by not only the first set of cards, and the format. The fight will be waged not for one, but four of the flag, which will make battles even more intense and unpredictable.

      Exact dates of the events of the game “Supremacy” and the beginning of the second phase, we will report separately.


      The battle is between two teams in the format of 15 to 15 or 10 to 10, depending on the card. The duration of the battle – 10 minutes. Game mechanics – standard. Allowed the game platoon and battalions.

      main task – type on the basis of winning the battle for more points than the opposing team. If one of the teams gains a certain maximum points victory before the end of the battle, the victory scored early.


      Victory Points are awarded for the movement of the flag area of ​​delivery and destruction of tanks rivals. Delivery of the flag in a special area of ​​your team brings the 10/15/35/50 points, depending on the card, destroy the opponent – 1 point.

      [1,999,011] In order to participate in the battle will be available three tanks: [1,999,102 ] AMX 50 B (R), “Object 140 (R)”, T110E5 (R) [1,999,022]. The performance characteristics of these machines are completely consistent with the existing analogues in the game.

      Attack Machine awarded free during the start of an event. To get into the fight, you need to prepare all three cars and then click In the battle! . It will also be possible to install the equipment, gear and replant existing in the hangar crew.

      experience and credits in the gaming event will be awarded for active combat actions: the detection of the enemy, causing damage to the enemy, capture the flag and surrender. The amount of experience, which is charged by the results of the battle in the combat vehicles, will be determined on the basis of separate statistics for each tank at the end of the fight.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag – the main way to victory. To capture a player needs to get close to the flag for a short distance, and then move it to the delivery zone. After this flag returns to its original position.

  • image

    Flags are located in certain areas of the map.

  • Tank, who captured the flag, says the mini-map.
  • position and move the flags as indicated in the mini-map a special indicator.
  • After the destruction of the enemy machine carrying the flag for a short time all the players an opportunity to pick it up. If the flag is not picked up, it returns to its original position.

World Events “Excellence” takes place in two stages:

  • In the first phase of the battle flag capture point is located in the center of the map. Capture the flag may all players of both teams.
  • In the second phase of the fighting on the map, there are four points of capture the flag. Capturing flags can all the players of both teams.



Revival in combat

In addition to capture the flag, one of the most important features of “Excellence” is the ability to repeated rebirth after the destruction of the tank for one fight – so-called “garage fights.” After destroying, you will be available a context menu to select the next combat vehicle. Thus the choice of the new tank is given only 10 seconds. Destruction of the machine can not be selected within 30 seconds. [1,999,012]

[1,999,026] During the battle you can revive any number of times. After the revival of the tank appears with a full supply of strength and ammunition, as well as equipment, the composition of which depends on the choice of the player in the hangar.


points repair and replenish

Within the card has several points of repair equipment and replenish supplies. To activate these points, the player must call inside the yellow circle marked on the mini-map corresponding to the icon and wait for 5 seconds without receiving any damage and without leaving the circle. If the tank is hit, the timer starts again.



After the activation point of repair and replenishment must pass 1 minute, then this point becomes available again for that player. Inactivity time point of repair for each individual player, t. E. At the same time expect the repair within it may be some combat vehicles as the enemy, and the Union.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What will happen to the crew at the end of game event “Excellence”?

crew will be in barracks, regardless on the number of vacant seats. Tankers will be retrained on machines for pumpable analogues game event (“Object 140” T110E5, AMX 50 B).

[1,999,011] [1,999,122] Is it possible to replant their tankers to accrued tanks? Will act penalties?

Yes, you can. Penalties for possession of basic specialty will act, as in the case study technique.

What will happen with the experience earned by the end of the fighting in the game event?

All-earned experience will go on tanks I appropriate level of nations (MC-1, T1 Renault [1,999,026] FT [1,999,022]).

[1,999,011] Warning! If these tanks will include a tick “Accelerated training of the crew,” the experience, will focus on training of crews.

Tanks credited with slots? What happens to them after the game event?

Yes, the tanks are charged with slots. After completion of the “superiority” of the slots will be written off together with special tanks.

What happens to the equipment and equipment write-off after the machine?

equipment and machinery will appear to the warehouse. Sophisticated equipment will be removed from the tank for free.

Can be applied to these tanks and camouflage lettering?

On tanks intended for the event can not be Apply camouflage lettering.

Can be used premium shells?

Yes, you can. The cost of the premium shells will match the price of “gold” of ammunition from pumpable counterparts. The price of basic shells will be slightly lower than that of base shells linear analogues.

How will be written off loans for repairs and the use of missiles in combat?

The credits will be charged only for the shells, which were in the ammunition before the start of the fight.

Example: ammunition tanks were 32 basic and 6 premium shells. In just a few revivals during the battle the player has made 65 shots and 14 of the base – the premium shells. As a result of the battle with the player’s account will be debited the cost of 32 basic and 6 premium shells. [1,999,012]

With the destruction of the machine player pays the cost of a complete renovation, but not more than once for each tank.

[1,999,011] Example: during the battle “Object 140 (R)” was destroyed three times T110E5 – four times. At the end of the battle the player will pay for a repair for each machine.

Are the battles in the game statistics?

There are no statistics fights within the event “Excellence” is not taken into account.

Will available to new medals / achievements related to “superiority”?

For winning the battle within the game event winners a reward “Hero of Excellence.” The medal is charged only once at the first victory.

enters to fight and prove their superiority!

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