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We present you a selection of the best movies of the week related to eSports.

professionals work tirelessly not only in training, but also help ordinary players master the subtleties of World of Tanks.

Dmitry Frishman aka SL1DE from the Na`Vi in his transfer «Daily Driven» gives an example of why you should not go over the top with “Storm” when you’re playing on the side of the defense.

Failed to start the game and a great finale? It is easy! Team captain Arcade.NSH Aziz Habibullin aka Angel_Killer continues lessons shutter setting of the game in his new program “Band of Brothers.” For the second edition!

Recently Arclit with TheAnatolich dismantled tactics on the cards for the new command mode, and now arranges funny fights with bizarre compositions technology in its new category “Mission Impossible” .

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