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Wherever you go this summer, treasures are hidden nearby. No, you don’t need to pace around a field with a metal detector in your hands or dive to the bottom of the ocean — just log into World of Tanks Blitz every day, complete tasks, and get rewards. There’s tons of great prizes, including treasure chests with cool Premium vehicles!

A New Day, a New Task!

This event runs from July 3, 00:00 UTC to July 16, 00:00 UTC. Every 24 hours, you’ll get new tasks with special rewards. In other words, the first task becomes available at 00:00 UTC on July 3 then replaced with a new one at the same time on July 4, and so on.


Daily tasks are not related and give different rewards: one day might have Premium Account time; another might grant you a chest with a chance to win a Premium vehicle. Log in every day to check the new tasks!

View the task conditions on the game event screen:  tap the game event button at the left of the Garage interface.

Chests with Premium Vehicles!

For completing some tasks, you’ll receive chests. These chests can contain Gold, certificates for Premium Account time, Credits, boosters, or rare Tier III–VIII Premium vehicles.

You can also purchase chests via the in-game store. The chances are the same for getting any of the rewards from chests from completing tasks, and from chests purchased from the store.

Let’s take a closer look at the rewards!

The T28 Concept — a New Premium Tank Destroyer

The T28 Concept’s low top speed and slow rotation are offset  by its armor, which reaches 203mm in the vertical plate at the front. Its gun is another strong point — it has great penetration and really wide traversing angles; 30 degrees to each side. If you can get to a good position, you’ll be able to fire across a wide sector without excessive rotation.

The legendary “Independence” camouflage is available for the T28 Concept until July 31. It enhances concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot by 4% and does not require payment for resupply. The camouflage does not change the name of the tank destroyer in battle. 1,070 unlocks it.


Three Familiar But Rare Premium Vehicles

The VK 45.03 The T-54 First Prototype The T34 Independence Tier III–IV Premium Vehicles

Chests also have awesome Tier III–IV Premium vehicles:

Tier III
T-127, SU-76I, T-15, Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), Großtraktor – Krupp, and M22 Locust Tier IV
A-32 and Valentine II Important Info About Chests Depending on the chest type, you get two or four random rewards from the list of its possible contents. Rewards from chests can be of the same kind; in that case, you’ll see a reward icon indicating the total number. Among the rewards is the “Complete Set” chest. If you get it, you receive a super reward of all four of the Premium vehicles! All vehicles dropping from chests come with a Garage slot. If you already own the vehicle dropped from a chest, you will receive compensation for it in credits and a slot in your Garage. And Many Other Prizes!

These prizes can be earned from completing tasks and from chests:

Boosters of different type and capacity Gold Credits Certificates for 1 hour or 24 hours of Premium Account time Join the treasure hunt and win prizes every day!

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