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The interval between Stage III campaign


Dear players!

C December 11 2:00 (MSC) to December 12 9:00 (MSC) fights for Third campaign map will not take place due to the scheduled break between stages. You will have the opportunity to relax after a hard battle and prepare the equipment level X for the third stage.

Last day start prime time 2nd stage – on 10 December. [1,999,018]

Recent fighting the last prime -taymov completed on December 11 at 2:00 am (GMT).

Rules “unfreezing” of chips during a break:

  • chips that are on the map, “unfreeze” will not be;
  • chips in reserve or transferred to him as a result of withdrawal from the card, will “unfreeze” the standard rules – for 24 hours.

Note: All information on the ongoing or planned in the World of Tanks technical papers can be found at Support Center .

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