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The Capture of Makin
2014-11-20 08:49:00 / Events

In late November 1943, the Allies were seeking to gain definitive control of the Pacific with the ultimate goal of invading the Japanese islands. To turn the tide of World War II, the Allies believed the key to success would be a simple concept: island hopping. It was thought that, by establishing a series of island strongholds, the Allies could secure a foothold and enable invasion. To that end, an operation to retake Makin Atoll in the Gilbert Islands was planned. After four days of fighting, U.S. forces overtook the atoll, reporting its successful capture on 23 November, 1943.

Begins: Friday, November 21, 03:00 PST / 11:00 UTC
Ends: Monday, November 24, 03:00 PST / 11:00 UTC

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