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From December 23 to March 8 in the game will take a traditional creative competition snow sculptures. You will be able to get the game gold and other valuable prizes, snow sculpting tank.

Tasks competition
  • fashioned from snow most realistic sculpture in the form of any equipment of World of Tanks.
  • Take a picture of the result of work and place photos on special competitive section of the forum . In the frame near your sculptures have to be at least one spruce or pine (natural or artificial).
  • started drinking contest works – 23 deca ber at 12:00 (GMT) .
  • End reception of entries – March 8 at 23:59 (GMT) .
  • allowed teamwork – no more than five tankers on the sculpture.
  • The full terms and conditions can be found here .
prize fund

In addition, several teams will receive spetsprizёrov smartphone Asus Zenfone A450CG-1A198RU Black .

At the discretion of the jury will be awarded special prizes.


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Remember that all contests in World of Tanks, you can learn from .

Participate and win!

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