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Introducing the new competition. Your task – to create a vignette * Based on actual historical photographs of the Great Patriotic War.

In order to take part in the competition:

  • Create a vignette with armored allies in the real historical picture of the Great Patriotic War . The competition is held in two categories: “The model of plastic” and “The model of paper” .
  • Host your job special competitive section .

* Vignette – diorama, scene of life is small in size and, as a rule, low complexity. In the vignette must be present a small amount of figures and no more than one piece of equipment.

The full terms and conditions of the contest can be found here .


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remember everything

“remember everything” – a global initiative organized by Wargaming in late 2013 and aims to promote military-historical museums around the world in the preservation and restoration of the legendary models of military equipment. The program aims to revive interest in the history, to inspire young people to study the past of their countries and to preserve for future generations the unique historical monuments.

Recall that all the competitions in the World of Tanks you can to learn from .

Participate and win!

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