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Introducing the new competition. Your task – to depict on the pavement any technique allies of World of Tanks.

In order to take part in the competition:

  • Draw on the pavement any technique allied countries (USSR, USA, Britain, France and China) of World of Tanks. Near depicts appliances must be the inscription “remember everything” and the nickname of the author.
  • Host your job special competitive section .

When creating a competitive work is unacceptable violation of the legal norms and laws in your area and the country.

The full terms and conditions of the contest can be found here .

The prize fund

For details on the T-34-85 «Rudy» and other machines “Berlin three” read here .

At the discretion of the jury will be awarded special prizes.

In addition, in June, the channel WoT Fan together with Plantronics Gaming will launch a new lottery with great prizes. Subscribe and stay tuned.

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