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C 6 until November 25, will be held jointly competition “to ram!”, organized by the World of Tanks and broadcasting company “Star” .

In order to take part in the competition, you must:

Note! To participate in the competition only works approved and published on TV and Radio “Star”.

Requirements for entries:

  • The plot of the movie should begin with the words “And do you know?”.
  • movie length – no more than 1 minute.
  • The video must be present logo broadcasting company “Star” and the nickname of the author.
  • Acceptable video formats: mov, mp4, flv.
  • Video resolution – 720 × 576 pixels.

Placing video clips should not:

    to violate the laws, honor and dignity, rights and legitimate interests of third parties, incite religious, racial, ethnic hatred, contain scenes of violence or inhumane treatment of animals, and so on. e.,
  • wearing obscene or offensive;
  • contain advertising of drugs;
  • violate the rights of minors;
  • violate the copyrights and related rights of third parties;
  • wear pornographic;
  • contain commercial advertising of any kind.

Start receiving jobs – November 6 at 0:00 (GMT) .

End Reception works – On November 25, 23:59 (GMT) .

Winners and awardees of the contest will be determined before November 30 .


  • I place – 12500 + Broadcasting Company T-shirts “Star”.
  • II-IX place – 3300 + Broadcasting Company T-shirts “Star”.

Special prizes:

  • Three girls who took part in the competition, but not among the major winners will be awarded 3300 T-shirts and broadcasting company “Star”.
  • Five participants under the age of 10 years who participated in the competition, but not among the main winners will be awarded 3300 T-shirts and broadcasting company “Star”.
  • Among all participants will be awarded a special prize for the most interesting fact narrated in the video. The author of this movie will get 6400 and branded T-shirt broadcasting company “Star”.

Prizes from television “Star” will be awarded to December 10 .

The full rules of the competition “to ram!” can be found here .

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