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a funny way defeat the Wehrmacht

«Стратегические трапеции» и «треугольники» военинженера Малюка, с помощью которых он предлагал разбить немцев за месяц

B During the Great Patriotic officers of the General Staff, who studied the experience of war, reminiscent of pearl divers in large numbers muddy sludge. They received a lot of e-mails with suggestions on how to fight to beat Germany as soon as possible. Many of them were strange and the curious. This is what was found in the correspondence of the secret proposals of 1942.

[1,999,027] more troops, interesting and different [1,999,030]

Maj Tashkent Quartermaster Academy Pulk, Dmitriev found, as it seemed , a sure way to fight German tanks. Its special anti battalion of three hundred calculations antitank guns was “break the Nazi Panzer Division” , which, according to the author’s proposal consisted of 300 tanks.

[1,999,035] [1,999,037] Many people sincerely believed that in matters of grand strategy, they know not worse than the generals and marshals. Just something and need – to bring their ideas “top” in a few days to defeat the enemy

officer of the General Staff, took the letter, commented on the paragraph in the fields of writing, so many tanks in Germany Division no. But the basic idea of ​​the author – every enemy tank need one anti-tank gun – left without comment.

Comrade Yagudin from Baku said that the day is not far emergence flying tanks, tanks, fortresses and tanks, mosquitoes (not clear from the letter – flying, or just very little). And until they come up with, we must take the proper organization of troops. In particular, for the implementation of the ideas the author was required bronemototankovaya team. It was to consist of a tank, air, artillery and motorized infantry groups. The brigade, in fact, not the large formations – about 50 tanks. But Yagudin came up this monster five hundred machines that easily drawn to the body, and even a full tank army.

With his “team”, he proposed “go on the offensive in the direction of Bryansk-Smolensk- Gomel-Minsk, building on the success on the flanks of the breakthrough and at the same time to move the remaining sections of the front, especially the flanks (the Baltic and the Black Sea coast). “ [1,999,018]

On a snack – a letter from the captain Matevosyan’s 22th Army, which is proposed to develop “tanks on the principle Emfibiya that could take on the landings, and go up into the air to a height of 25 meters and a range of 10-20 kilometers.” General Staff of the flight of thought did not appreciate – the phrase about 25 meters in bold underlined, and in the fields of short remark: “Fiction.”

How to beat Germany: tips for the “Dummies”

Структура бронемототанковой бригады Ягудина In order to defeat the enemy, eager, unfortunately, is not always enough. Equally important are the knowledge and experience, otherwise the result will look like a funny. For example, Comrade Kargopolov from Stalingrad, trying to understand the theory and practice of modern wars, came to the following conclusion: “Whether the idea of ​​battle, whether to seek a meeting with the military always the same dynamic forces of the enemy? Pondering these questions, we have to admit that the idea of ​​combat is not mandatory. “ Instead of fighting with the German army, the writer proposed to concentrate the maximum armored and mechanized forces in the direction of Smolensk – Minsk and avalanche move them forward. He believed that only six or seven days, they are already at the walls of Berlin. Auxiliary strikes should apply in this case in the directions of Rzhev – Riga and Yelets – Kursk – Kiev.

Do not forget about the author and allies by offering to transfer his tank troops by air and, without getting involved in a fight in France or Belgium rushed to the Rhine, as soon as possible to meet the Soviet tank armies somewhere in the middle of Germany.

original idea was different sergeant Fyodorov, who proposed the plan to attack the rear. To do this, we should wait on the Leningrad front long winter nights find passages in the most rear and enter it using “such vehicles as the northern dogs, reindeer, skiers” . Fedorov believed that it will bring a comprehensive success. And yet the sergeant lamented lack of initiative, and scientists demanded that doctors and chemists came up with hypnotic gas.

With creative thought and scope Military Engineer of rank 2 Maluk, who worked on the Siberian railway. To surprise attacks on German troops, he invented the “strategic triangle” and “strategic trapeze” in which “with a relatively small losses could move forward and solve plans of the enemy” . This “military geometry”, by the way, was based on percussion groups of 9-10 divisions (a hundred thousand). And that was just the beginning – more Maluk has operated in groups of 25-30 divisions. He predicted that the successful implementation of the offensive would enable the parts to reach the Baltic Sea in 10-15 days, and Bucharest and the Danube – 20-25, completely surrounded with all the army of the enemy. After that, as the authors conclude logically, “Hitler will be one outcome – loop” .

“Red claws” political instructor Kovalev

plan “breakthrough and the defeat of the German armies” developed political commissar reserve Kovalev stood out mainly due to the fact that creator of the plan were red pencils, drawing paper, and free time.

One of the main problems of people who came up with the incredible ways to defeat the enemy, was that they did not take into account the current circumstances. As if the reality was, as if by magic, to bend to their designs

red giant claws in the picture – this is the idea Kovalev. “The first group motobronetankovaya breakthrough” was to advance in the direction of Stalino (Donetsk), Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad. After reaching the plains of the steppe part of Ukraine, it was divided into two wings, which closed to the environment in the area of ​​Ploiesti.

In order to implement this part of the plan needed “only a” 15 armored divisions and 16 mechanized. According to comrade political instructor, so it could deprive Germany of the Romanian oil. And along the way – and even cut off the Germans from the general management of the Romanian, Hungarian and Italian armies. Kovalev thought that as a result of “must go between the armies of strife.”

In terms of Kovalev more clearly. For example, where the Red Army in the 42 th armored divisions will take? While the Soviet armored forces has not recovered from heavy losses in 1941, and the largest was the team compound (60 cars). And even if we collect everything, including light T-60, the 15 divisions barely accumulated enough tanks.

[1,999,016] Так политрук Ковалёв изобразил наступление по своему замыслу political leader also said that the Germans prevented coordinate joint action with allies on the radio.

The response from the General Staff stated that the plan does not take into account the real situation of our troops, fighting the enemy “generally fantastic” .

One can only wonder patience and endurance of General Staff officers that in a difficult time for the country’s 42nd repeatedly wrote in response:

[1,999,016] “outlined in your letter & hellip; proposals will be taken into account.

In the future, the development of such offers, we ask

a) Proposals to build given the prevailing situation;

b) a proposal to justify the calculation of forces and means necessary for its implementation;

c) drawing up plans and proposals do not break away from reality. “

Lyricist – Andrey Ulanov
  • Source: TsAMO RF f. 14 on. 11603 – Correspondence secret proposals (letters) to the People’s Commissar of Defense and Deputy. People’s Commissar of Defense.

* Spelling and punctuation of quotations preserved.

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