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The Devastating Sherman Firefly
2017-11-02 11:30:00 / News

In Update 4.4, the branch of British medium tanks will acquire an alternative pathway to the FV4202 — via the Sherman Firefly. The new branch line consists of five Tier II-VI vehicles and unites with the main branch at the Comet. Learn more about the British reinforcements!

Tier II and Tier III vehicles carry the pom-pom

Meet the light tanks Cruiser I and Cruiser II. They are equipped with a pom-pom — an excellent gun with a magazine-type autoloader. Despite its funny name, this gun has no problem with quickly dispatching enemy vehicles.

Tier II — Cruiser I

A light tank with average maneuverability. You can settle for a nice stock 2-pounder, or arm yourself with a three-round pom-pom. It has lower armor penetration, but it will still enable you to cause about 135 HP of damage within less than 1.5 seconds — perfect result for a Tier II vehicle!

Tier III — Cruiser II

This vehicle doesn’t claim to be a dashing scout either, but it does have the right firepower. The stock 2-pounder becomes even more prickly and has enough armor penetration to hit any target. The top howitzer gun can shred the enemy to pieces but needs almost 18 seconds to reload and takes a long time to aim. Meanwhile, the pom-pom had a fourth shell added to its magazine, and the shooting mechanics make it possible to release two shells with a minimum delay by pressing one button. Magazine reloading takes only 3 seconds, which means you can shoot almost incessantly!

Tier IV — Valentine

The Valentine is well-known to many, but until now this British tank was available in the game only as a Premium vehicle and carried the Soviet flag. Update 4.4 will make up for that by adding a light but leisurely and very sturdy Valentine under the banner of Great Britain.

The researchable Valentine surpasses its Premium sibling in all things, except for the preferential matchmaking. Unlike the Soviet Valentine, this purebred Brit joins battles with Tier V vehicles. Its top gun penetrates 130-mm armor and causes 90 HP of damage every 4.8 seconds. Coupled with good armor that gives us a slow yet enduring tank. You just have to try it!

Tiers V and VI — Sherman V and Sherman Firefly

Meet the main tanks of Update 4.4 — two Shermans in the service of the British Crown. The classic Tier V-VI medium tanks are exactly what the FV4202 branch needed, and now you can choose whether you want to research them through the light tanks and the Cromwell, or through the Shermans. Though no one will stop you from taking both directions.

At Tier V, be ready to fight on the Sherman V. Just like its sibling from the American branch, this tank possesses average mobility and a variety of guns. If you feel you can wisely dispose of shells with 400 HP of damage, choose the howitzer gun, but if you value stability and reliability, mount a 6-pound gun and deal excellent damage per minute!

The transition under the UK banner has served the Tier VI Sherman well in terms of its characteristics. The British improved the tank’s design, armed it with a more powerful 17-pounder, which gave them the Sherman Firefly. A nice big firefly, but a very maneuverable and painfully biting one.

You might have got acquainted with the Firefly’s top gun while playing the heavy tank Black Prince. This gun will prove itself perfectly on a medium tank. With armor penetration of 171 mm, the new Sherman will easily defeat the majority of enemies it will encounter even by hitting the frontal armor. The rate of fire and damage won’t disappoint you either: more than 11 shots per minute and 160 HP of damage with AP shells!

With such characteristics in store, the Sherman Firefly will quickly become a force to reckon with!

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