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Hello everyone,

so, the last day of Christmas advent event is here and the bundle is… who the fuck knows, the shop crashed. But it’s Grosstraktor and T-34-85M in their bundles or something. Can’t tell you exactly, the shop crashed (I assume it’s not all the people lining up for the Grosstraktor, but rather a bunch of folks who expected Type 59) – oh wait, it’s working now (lots of disappointed people I guess). It’s:

– Grosstraktor + slot, 4500 gold and 30 days of prem for 29.99 EUR
– T-34-85M + slot, 1700 gold and 30 days of prem for 29.99 EUR

My advice: do not buy that overpriced shit, you’ll get a chance to buy it much cheaper in a couple of months (hell, even for free). Thus concludes one of the worst events in Wargaming history. Both bundles will be available for 25 more days (figures), so give it some thought before you spend that 30 Euro.

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