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Improved contact list to update 9.6

With the release of the update 9.6 in World of Tanks was seriously redesigned contacts list the player. In this article, we describe in detail on the changes, new features and innovations coming.

Visual changes

Appearance contact list has undergone major changes: it became clearer and more readable . Also gone was the status of the player: added a new status “in battle” (visible only to confirmed friends and clan mates).

Contact Groups

The updated list of contacts became more comfortable and functional. For example, additional sorting friends: now you can manually create different contact groups and distribute their comrades on them. This will help faster and easier to navigate when looking for a friend, sovzvodnogo or, for example, the missing soldier for battle command.

To create a group of contacts to press a special button Creating a group and then enter the name of the group (the number of characters in the name – not more than 15) and press Create . After that, we can only drag you are interested in contacts to the new group: just move the cursor to the desired nickname, and hold down the left mouse button.

You can change the name of the new group, use the action ” Edit Group “in the context menu of the group. If necessary, you can remove a particular group (as with all the contacts that are in it, and without contacts). To do this, select the action “Delete Group” in the context menu of the group.

Adding a “Friends”

changed the process of adding players to your contact list: a potential mate will have to confirm your request, and only then you become a true martial friends. A player who you have sent a request for the addition of “Friends”, appears in the contact list and displays the corresponding icon. When this becomes available opportunity to invite a player platoon or send a private message.

Other changes in the contact list

In the contact list, a new section called “Other”. It includes three default groups:

  • Requests for adding to the “Friends”.
  • Blacklist (aka ignore list players).
  • Recruits – players taking part in the program “Invite a friend” at your invitation.

The total size of the contact list of 300 people in the category of “Friends” in black list – 1000 contacts in a request to add a Friend restrictions.

At the bottom of the contact list appeared interactive panel, with which you can find a player and add it to the “Friends” create a new group “Contact” and adjust the display of these lists (you can remove the display of players who are not in the network, and turn off the display of the “Other”).

Forthcoming changes

In the very near future it will be possible to invite mass formation (platoon, company, training room and so on. d.) players consisting with you in the same clan or are created as part of a “contact” groups.

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