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The Flank Attack Special
2017-08-17 09:30:00 / Events
t 54 WbUTDBk

An enemy vehicle, even a heavily-armored one, is easier to penetrate if approached from the side. Outflanking allows you to fire at the weaker sides and rear, provokes and distracts opponents, and helps your allies. Light and medium tanks are excellent at performing such a maneuver, and some of them can be purchased at a discount this week.

From 4:00 PT (7:00 ET) on August 18 till 4:00 PT (7:00 ET) on August 21:

Get discounts on the following Soviet and British light and medium tanks:

Tier VI (the MT-25, T-34-85, and Cromwell) — 30%; Tier VII (the LTTB, T-43, KV-13, and Comet) — 30%; Tier VIII (the lighter T-54, T-44, and Centurion Mk. I) — 15%; Tier IX (the T-54 and Centurion Mk. 7/1) — 10%; Tier X (the T-62A, Object 140, and FV4202) — 10%.

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