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The fourth general test update 9.7

As part of the general test is available for downloading and installing the test client 0.9.7_test4. Note: in this general test will not be the usual list contains a complete change – in version fixes bugs, freezes and other minor problems.

  • Why take part in the testing?
  • You are one of the first to see and appreciate the innovations in the game.
  • can affect the process of creating the game.
  • try without limitation technique that you are interested in, before buy it.

What’s new in version 9.7?
  1. A new branch of medium tanks in France. See screenshots can link .
  2. Map “Overlord”. Details here .
  3. Updated Team fights: an opportunity to create a permanent (static) team. Read more .

  • Download special installer (4.47 MB).
  • Run the installer that will download and install a test version of the client 0.9.7_test4 * (9,24 GB). When you run the installer, it automatically prompts you to install the test client to a folder on your computer; also you will be able to specify the installation directory.
  • to launch the test version.
  • Take part in the overall test can only players who have signed up in World of Tanks to 23:59 ( MSC) April 7, 2015.

* If you have installed a test version of the client 0.9.7_test3, you must run the launcher, which will automatically update the test client to version 0.9.7_test3. In this case, through the launcher will be downloaded 26.4 MB.

  • General Test will last approximately until April 21 – stay tuned.
  • Due with a large number of players on the test server is limited to the input of users. All new players wishing to take part in beta testing, will be placed in the waiting queue and will be able to access the server as it is released.
  • If the user changed the password after 23:59 (GMT) April 7, 2015, authorization the test server will be available only with a password that was used prior to that time.
  • Payments on the test server will be done.
  • In this test does not increase earning experience and credits.
  • Achievements on the test server will not pass on the primary server.

Also, please be advised that during testing 0.9.7_test4 updates on the test server will be carried out planned engineering works:

  • The first server – 7:00 (GMT) daily. The average duration of work – 25 minutes.
  • The second server – 8:00 (GMT) on a daily basis. The average duration of work – 25 minutes.
  • Note! On the test server is subject to the same rules as in the main game, and hence are penalties for violation of these rules in accordance with User Agreement .
  • Customer Support Center will not consider applications related to general test.
  • Reminder: download the client World of Tanks, as well as its test versions and updates only reliable special section on the official website of the game. Downloading the game from other sources, you are putting your computer at risk of infection by malware. The development team is not responsible for links to the game client and update (as well as their contents) on third-party resources.

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